I’m Jennifer McCurry from Marissa Collections and I want to talk to you about Spoiling Mom! Today she’s become our hero. She’s cooking, cleaning, teaching school, and wearing many hats. So why not spoil her with a wonderful gift!

I’ve come up with some of my favorites.





First on the list, is L.A. based designer Sydney Evan.  Creating jewelry since 2001, she makes bright, beautiful gemstone bracelets with 14kt gold spiritual and meaningful charms; a Hamsa an evil eye, or a little heart.



I also love the perfect diamond necklace from Chicago based jeweler Dana Rebecca. The 14kt gold, Eva Bea necklace is particularly wonderful to stack with your existing jewelry pieces or you can wear at night all by itself.



Another good friend of mine is Hassan Bounkit from New York. What I love about his earrings, is that they come in every color and shape.  If you know me, I’m a button earring girl!  I’m loving these pink mother of pearl, amethyst and topaz earrings and they also come in a smaller size.



If you want to give your mom something extra special this year, how about an Irene Neuwirth one-of-a-kind, flower necklace. The one I’m wearing is a pink tourmaline tropical flower, hand-carved in Germany.




Another gift that I’m loving this year, is a locket from Monica Rich Kosann. They come in 18k gold or sterling silver. You can have your kids do a little piece of artwork, send it in to us, we print it out and insert it into the locket. How cute is that!

Time’s up on our Marissa Minute, see you next time, and Happy Mother’s Day!

In A Marissa Minute By Jennifer McCurry @thejewelrydiaries @marissanaples