Medallions have been worn since antiquity but have gained a new resonance over the past few years among fine jewelry designers, who are updating classic symbols and making them their own.

The reasons for making and wearing such talisman haven’t changed. Designers are donning their own medallions to invoke protection, guidance, luck, or as reminders of where they’re going or what they’ve overcome.

Beth Bugdaycay’s line Foundrae is completely centered on symbols, elevating contemporary fine fashion jewelry to heirloom-worthy talismans laden with meaning and emotion.

The themes of her symbols range from strength to karma, but wholeness is the concept resonating most with Bugdaycay.

“To me, the feeling of being whole holds a special place in my heart because I didn’t feel this way when I was in the midst of leaving a 20-year career. You’ll see a diverse group of symbols implemented throughout our Wholeness medallions and these symbols signify what I needed to feel whole again,” she explained.

A snake symbolizing rejuvenation and a crescent moon symbolizing growth are among the icons that Bugdaycay relies on as visual intentions, and wants her customers to use as guides as well.

“I want people to remember that this medallion is not a lucky charm and I want those wearing this piece, and all of my pieces for that matter, to use it as a guide to find what they’re looking for within themselves because it’s there. They will begin to grow and feel whole once they acknowledge that.”

In an industry that relies on the emotional value of jewelry to connect with customers, and struggles with societal delays in traditional life milestones like marriage and anniversaries, perhaps the fine jewelry designers creating such intention-packed pieces have found a new, authentic way to engage.

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Medium Karma Medallion


Baby Wholeness Medallion


Large Passion Pendant