Working on my Fitness... for Fashion Week

Mercedes Benz Fashion Week is fast approaching and the thought on everyone’s mind isn’t just about what to wear, but will I fit into it. I know that I’ve been trimming down and toning up, because while we may all not look like models we can at least aspire to some form of bodily perfection. ( Not to mention the release of endorphins from regular exercise is the best mood enhancer. This concludes my PSA for the day.) I happen to be blessed with a personal trainer for a brother and am on the treadmill at 6 am and have a new found love of protein shakes and weighing my meals. But it isn’t just the models and I (like I’m famous already) who know the pressures of the oh-so thin fashion world weighing in on their scales, designers are mindful of their waistlines too. Shall we take a peek at some of the designer set who have trimmed their figures for fashion’s sake?

Karl Lagerfeld– The Kaiser of Couture has put out his own diet book chronicling his weight loss all to satisfy his appetite for Hedi Slimane’s pencil thin Dior Homme suits. If I had 90 lbs to lose I’d have done it too, just saying.

Donatella Versace – A lot of people are on the fence about Donatella’s petite physique. Where did it come from? How did it happen? Does it matter? Regardless I think she’s a very intelligent woman and a fabulous spokesperson for her brand.

Marc Jacobs – Thanks to his “superhero workout,” Mr. Jacobs has toned up and telephoned in the sex appeal. His collections have always made people stand up and take notice, now so does he even going so far as to star in his own men’s fragrance campaign for Marc Jacobs “Bang.” (A personal favorite.)

Donna Karan – A real woman’s woman, Donna Karan knows how to dress her compatriots but came under fire for looking less than desirable. She’s been through a lot but has come out a beautiful bronze goddess. Yoga and a raw diet have done this designer’s body good.

The seats at fashion shows can be pretty cozy, so what do you to fight the battle of the bulge when you feel like you’re taking up more room than normal?

“Thin”spirationally Yours, P.S.

Wait there's more! Getting fashion week ready isn't just about treadmills and portion control, we need photo ready skin before Photoshop gets ahold of our mugs. Stay locked here for next weeks blog when I entrust my face to our skin care expert Monica. She's going to give me the best facial in South West Florida, complimentary at Marissa Collections, with our fabulous Cellcosmet Skincare products including the new CellLift Serum. My skin can't wait!