Take me on a Trip... Wendy Yue Fine Jewelry

Take me on a Trip... Wendy Yue Fine Jewelry

If there is one thing you take away from a Wendy Yue Fine Jewelry design it must be that it is art in miniature, and imagination knows no bounds when it comes to her unique style. A native of Hong Kong with a penchant for travel, Yue has created a dialogue with the world of fantasy through her out of this world creations since 1998 when she established her atelier, but her love affair with the bond between nature and imagination began long before that.

Her pieces, like the swan ring above began as drawings ‘to record her travels,’ that eventually sparked the idea of creating jewelry. Her ‘authentic creativity’ encompasses the realm of fantasy and her creations inhabit the sea

the sky

and even the magic of a kiss.

And despite not having any formal jewelry training, her elegant and fantasy driven designs are garnering accolades the world over. Keep on dreaming Wendy.