Just Arrived! Suzanne Kalan Fine Jewelry

Just Arrived! Suzanne Kalan Fine Jewelry

Recently received fine jewelry from Suzanne Kalan consisting of baguette diamonds, is now on display in our fine jewelry gallery.

With over 30 years of experience designing fine jewelry, Suzanne Kalan continues to create stunning collections that are both breathtaking and unique.

Designing in 18-karat gold, Suzanne’s custom-cut colorful gemstones and dramatically placed diamonds add a modern twist to the traditional design. Her signature Fireworks collection has received international praise for its innovative use of baguette diamonds, featuring designs that are unparalleled in the fine jewelry world.

Born in Lebanon with an Armenia family heritage, Suzanne Kalandjian grew up with a background in fine jewelry and an innovative vision for design. Suzanne’s childhood was filled with a wealth of creativity and art. Suzanne’s father owned a jewelry store and she worked closely with him to learn the business. Her mother was a seamstress and taught Suzanne how to design dresses for her upcoming events. Suzanne started to sketch and water color pain at a very young age. Suzanne moved to the US and has spent most of her life in California. Strongly influenced by her travels around the world, especially back home to the Middle East, Europe and the U.S., Suzanne started to design jewelry as a hobby for her family. After a retail store approached Suzanne and askedher to produce a line of jewelry, she soon developed a loyal clientele that included department stores and jewelry chain across the country.In 1988, Suzanne launched her company with her family’s support and quickly became known for her colorful jewelry and stunning high quality hand-crafted products.Suzanne’s award-winning Fireworks and Vitrine collections have been acclaimed by the jewelry industry for her signature use of baguette diamonds and her seemingly scattered settings. Suzanne is based in Lod Angeles, California and continues to expand her collections.“I want women who wear my designs to be able to wear it today, tomorrow and twenty years from now.” SuzanneKalan-Colorful-Bangels AWARDS -

  • In 2014, Suzanne received the prestigious COUTURE Design Award for the “Diamonds Below $20,000 US (Retail)” category, for her 18-karat Fireworks Baguette Diamond Shield Ring.
  • In 2015, she received the Gem Diva Award from the American Gem Trade Association(AGTA), for her 18-karat Fireworks Vitrine Necklace.
  • In 2016, Suzanne received the award for “Best Everyday Jewellery” for her 18-karat Fireworks Baguette Diamond Bangles at the Middle East Jewellery of the Year Awards.

SK STACKED baguettes AKB117 Every bangle is handmade in Los Angeles, California using solid 18K rose, white or yellow gold. The design consists of many parts and is extremely labor intensive. An 18K gold wire is hand stretched on the inside and once the wire is formed, smaller “fireworks” sections are strung onto it and soldered, giving it flexibility. Bangles can be made in any size, however, the stock size is a medium which is 55x44mm. We are able to special order for custom wrist measurements.

Bangles come in a variety of white diamonds, champagne diamonds, rubies, emeralds or sapphires. White diamonds used are G Color and VS/VVS Quality.

All of Suzanne Kalan's jewelry is handcrafted in-house, and offered at a 6-8 week turnaround for all custom orders. Please call us at 1-800-581-6641 with any questions. BAR106R BAP273