"Fur"iously Chic

Mink, beaver, pony, fox, raccoon, lynx; are all well-known furs and hairs used in fashion today.

Furs have a long history in fashion. They are used to make fine ladies coats, gentlemen's hats, trim collars, blankets and mufflers to keep warm. Stories of adventure, the "other worlds", and other cultures circulated with the fur trade. Fortunes were made and names such as Jacob Astor and Hudson Bay Company were marked in history because of this "hot commodity". Trappers and fur traders traveled to uncharted territory searching for the perfect pelts. Business was quite lucrative.

Furs have come a long way from being just functional fashion. We have moved past our "traditional mink coats."

Furs have found their way onto our fall trends list with fashion designers such as Michael Kors, Oscar de la Renta, Veronica Beard, J Mendel, Valentino, and Brunello Cucinelli adding them as trims and details or morphing them into structured fashion pieces.

Shown in Video: 1. Fendi Print-Pony Mini Baguette 2. Givenchy Apache Calf Point Pump 3. Brunello Cucinelli Pony Hair Driving Gloves 4. Oscar de la Renta Dyed Mink Stole 5. Michael Kors Sleeveless Crew Neck Pony-Print Dress 6. Donna Karan Fur Cuffs 7. Veronica Beard Fur-Collar Leather Jacket 8. J Mendel Sleeveless Fur-Collared Beaded Bolero 9. Fendi Mink Detail Daisy Shoulder Bag 10. Valentino Cheetah-Pony Hair Coat

Keep warm and fashionable this fall with some of our most unique fur pieces!