Fashion Is My Halloween Costume

Fashion Is My Halloween Costume

Remember those Halloween nights years and years ago where all you wanted to do was get candy? Most of my costumes were handmade by my mom and her friend we affectionately called 'Aunt Ginny'. Between the two of them, a yellowed sewing machine from the 70's, and a couple bottles of wine, my sister and I had some pretty creative homemade creations. The last year I requested a costume was fifth grade. I wanted to go as a Teletubby...not my most fashion forward moment to say the least.

Now that I'm an adult I still think of what I would be for Halloween if I had the choice. Any excuse to go shopping is a bonus is my book so this year I might as well get some great clothes I can wear again (that means no Teletuby gear). ONB

One of my new favorite shows is Netflix "Orange Is The New Black". Wandering around a party in a jumpsuit isn't very chic but this Victoria Beckham dress is! Pair with Fendi "Bugs" Heels and a cropped moto-jacket from Michael Kors and I'd be good to the party, not jail. GOT

Who better to emulate then the Mother Of Dragons herself, Khaleesi. This woman stands for beauty, perseverance, and all-around empowerment. Who wouldn't want to be her? One thing I love is the wrapped dresses and garments she wears with her dragon flared jewelry. This Marchesa gown with it's sparkly embroidery, jersey knit bodice, and folds upon folds of body hugging fabric, is perfect for a queen. The beautiful outfit wouldn't be complete without amazing jewelry that makes statements all on its own. This outfit is fit for a queen or even just a queen for a night.


Now that Breaking Bad is off the air, it's break-off series "Better Call Saul" has taken its place as new kid on the block. The demure Rag & Bone skirt paired with a bi-colored Carven cardigan is reminiscent of a school teacher, like Walter White once was. Adding some Oliver People's Executive shades adds an air of mystery. What else would one do with all that money? Buy Todd Reed diamond jewelry and a Fendi purse. The Halloween weather is notorious for being fickle, so this Rag & Bone windbreaker is perfect, not to mention a bit hazmat suit with flair. halloween

Not a costume going person? How about just wearing the Halloween colors with pride and looking great. Because after all, fashion could be your costume.