Being one of Mexico’s most sought after jewelry designers is no easy task. However, designer of Colette Fine Jewelry Colette Steckel has accomplished this and more. Beginning at an early age, thirteen to be exact, Steckel began working with a local work shop to manufacture accessories. When her designs met critical acclaim her pieces were shown on runways the world over, and it is easy to see why. These fabulous Lapis Lazuli Drop Earrings are absolutely gorgeous day or night.

Of Mexican and French descent, Colette draws inspiration from the two cultures both past and present and creates a collision of beauty unlike anything else. Her ability to enhance ‘the natural light of a stone,’ is unparalleled as showcased in this fantastic Moonstone and Diamond Ring

and what begins as a sketch is transformed into stunning 18 or 24K gold pieces of art showcasing ‘an array of semiprecious... and rare gems' like the opals and citrine in this beautiful Gem Cluster Bracelet.