A Cashmere Crush... on Brunello Cucinelli

A Cashmere Crush... on Brunello Cucinelli

“Beauty is our Salvation” – Fëdor Dostoevskij

Brunello Cucinelli motto

Walking through the Marissa Collections’ Brunello Cucinelli in-store boutique, I always find myself touching, petting, and simply enjoying the feel of fine cotton cashmere and quality silk through my fingers.

Brunello Cucinelli Fall 2012 collection is no different with even more tactile details such as feathers and furs.


The cashmere King himself, Brunello Cucinelli has captured many hearts (including mine!) and developed a keen following with his finely tailored, relaxed fitting, timeless and superior quality pieces.

A man after my own heart, the Brunello Cucinelli’s philosophy rings loud and clear through me. Headquartered in a medieval village in Italy known as Solomeo, in the Province of Perugia, Umbria, Brunello Cucinelli practices “ethical capitalism” or “humanistic enterprise” – investing in his staff and reinvesting in his community to improve the lives of those who work and “to enhance and restore the beauty of the world.”

Marissa Collections is always at the forefront of philanthropy efforts within our local community so with this business philosophy, it is no wonder Marissa and Signor Cucinelli got along so well 20+ years ago, when we first started carrying some of his colorful knitwear in the store. What a wonderful relationship that blossomed into such a fabulous in-store boutique!

Born into a family of modest means, Brunello Cucinelli earned his diploma as a land surveyor in 1972, and studied at the School of Engineering of Perugia University from 1972-1974. At 25, he realized that dyed cashmere could be a great innovation and started his business in a small 40 sq. meter workshop. In 1985, Brunello Cucinelli bought the dilapidated 14th century castle of Solomeo where his wife was from and moved his company there in 1987. Now in 2012, Solomeo is thriving and buzzing. Brunello Cucinelli moved to Solomeo to create a beautiful location where he can create beauty, make people’s work more “humane” and “dignified”, and safeguard the artistic and cultural heritage of the world. 

A good man, a good heart, a great company = what a combo! If you are visiting Italy soon, I would say a trip to the Cashmere Kingdom is a must if you are a Brunello Cucinelli fan! Make sure you take lots of photos and share them with me!

Safe Travels,