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piercing faq

How much is it to get pierced?

Piercing appointments are FREE with purchase of piercing jewelry!

We also offer jewelry changeouts, downsizes, and personal consultations with a piercing artist. We invite you to visit our booking page for more information. 

Can I get pierced with my own jewelry?

We only pierce with jewelry appropriate for healing that has been purchased during your appointment at Marissa Collections. All jewelry is custom fit and sterilized at the store during your appointment.

How old do I have to be to get pierced?

Minors age 5 and older can get pierced at Marissa Collections if accompanied by a parent or legal guardian. Please make sure a parent or guardian brings their government issued ID, minors identification with birth certificate. No exceptions. 

How do you pierce?

We are a fully disposable studio, which means every tool is for one-time-use. We pierce with a hollow needle, which makes room for beautiful jewelry. For those wondering why we don’t pierce with a gun, they force a blunt jewelry end through your tissue and cause trauma, leading to a higher probability of infection as well as improperly placed piercings.

Do you numb the ear before piercing?

We do not provide numbing before piercings. When numbed, we cannot guarantee the quality or placement of the piercing due to distorted tissue. If you are too nervous about the pain of a piercing to consider completing it without numbing cream, we recommend waiting until you’re ready.

Can you use any jewelry in any piercing?

Your piercing artist will provide guidance on the appropriate jewelry to best fit your anatomy during your appointment.

What piercings do you provide?

We currently offer most ears piercings along with Nostril piercings. Stay tuned for more piercings in the future.

How high is the risk of infection after a piercing?

A fresh piercing is a puncture wound which will have a risk of getting infected. It is highly recommended to not go swimming during the initial healing phase to reduce the risk of infection. Avoid touching your piercing and maintain good hygiene to prevent the risk of infections.

Why does my piercing keep acting up?

Several factors can prolong the healing process. Catching your piercing on hair, brushes, sleeping on it, touching it, or not following proper aftercare can all be factors. Make sure to come in for your downsize and follow up with our piercer to troubleshoot.

How do I clean my new piercing?

You should use saline solution to clean your fresh piercing. We recommend NeilMed, which allows you to spray new piercings without touching them. Do not use the following on a fresh piercing: alcohol, bactine, hydrogen peroxide, disinfectants, soaps, or tea tree oil (so basically anything that’s not saline!).

I'm pregnant and want a new piercing. Is it safe?

We do not pierce people who are pregnant.

I just had a child and I am currently breastfeeding. Am I able to get pierced?

Unfortunately, our piercers cannot pierce you while you are actively breastfeeding. Breast feeding is hard on your immune system which allows for a higher chance of infection. Plus, infection can pass through the breast milk to the child. We recommend getting pierced about 3 months after you are done breastfeeding.

Can jewelry be exchanged?

Any jewelry that you have been pierced with or that a piercer has installed for you is final sale.

Can I bring friends to my piercing appointment?

Yes! After all, piercing is more fun with a friend!