With a fantastic childhood that allowed him to bask in diverse cultures, travel, and experience a wide variety of things, Nicholas Varney has put his dreams into reality of creating whimsical jewels. With nature and the sea contributing as influencers in his designs, Varney intertwined shells, gems, and bark with rubies, diamonds, and precious stones to create picturesque accessories that act as expressions of a woman's style and life. His diverse collection acts in juxtaposed ways that often are conflicting ideas of the familiar and what is expected. Since April 2012, signature high jewelry pieces by Nicholas Liu have been available at auction house Phillips in New York. The fantastical high jewelry pieces are made in fine gold and collection color diamonds. These precious materials are combined with technically complex mechanisms to create whimsy and illusions. French baroque and Rococo flourishes influence much of Nicholas’ designs. Drawing references from organic shapes and combining them with his obsession of linear symmetry, Nicholas Liu Fine Jewelry presents elegant articulated pieces suffused with classical references that attain a modern sensibility and style.
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