Ananya celebrates and rediscovers the profoundly personal meanings behind jewelry; the stories that become attached to it over the course of its ownership; its power to connect emotionally with the wearer; and its role as an external reflection of their internal spirit. For Ananya, each piece is a repository for meanings and emotional associations that grow even stronger with time. The design and material composition of Ananya pieces is rooted in Indian spirituality, often representing the flow of energy to and from the chakras. Each design is a reverent and respectful interpretation of Indian spiritual heritage and values, expressed through a contemporary design language that crosses geographical borders and cultural boundaries. ‘Ananya’ means ‘unique’ in Hindi, and this is reflected in both the products’ design and the brand’s overriding mission: to create jewelry that has no equivalent: in beauty, craftsmanship and meaning. Rejecting superficiality for meaning beyond the skin-deep and value above the price. The design, craftsmanship and materials used to make each piece are just one part of a story that can only be completed by its relationship with the wearer. The jewelry is never an end in itself.
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