Browse through Instagram’s Explore page for 15 minutes, and we can guarantee you will spot an Off-White piece at least once. OFF-WHITE c/o Virgil Abloh lies somewhere between high fashion and elevated streetwear; it is a label that has won over a whole generation with its appealing minimalist designs consisting of quotation marks, zip ties, binder clips, and stripes. Founded by American designer, Virgil Abloh in 2012, the Italian based label has achieved great success since launching.

Much of Off-White’s branding is based on Marcel Duchamp’s idea that an everyday object is art and that branding is generic. This concept led Abloh to incorporate zip ties, binder clips, and caution tape like stripes into his unique designs. As for design? One of Virgil Abloh’s core aesthetic elements is heavy use of quotation marks, which bookend familiar concepts phrases like “shoelaces” (on literal shoelaces) to give the label an ironic twist. Thom Bettridge of German magazine 032c said, “Quotation marks are one of the many tools that Abloh uses to operate in a mode of ironic detachment… Abloh rejects the who-did-it-first mentality of previous generations in favor of the copy-paste logic of the internet and its inhabitants. His new order is protected by a fortress of irony.”

Much like the internet, we are intrigued by Virgil Abloh’s vision. He has not only reimaged the meaning of “streetwear,” but continues to evolve it. He is paving the way for young creatives to conceptualize and express their art in a fresh new way. We can’t wait to see what Virgil Abloh will come up with next.

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