5 Summer Outfit Ideas for Your Next Vacation Adventure

5 Summer Outfit Ideas for Your Next Vacation Adventure

5 Summer Outfit Ideas for Your Next Vacation Adventure

Summer is the time to explore a new location. But before you pack up and leave, you need to know about these summer outfit ideas for your next vacation adventure! Staying comfortable on travel days is a must, and you need versatile outfits to make packing a breeze.

Travel Day

Whether you’re going on a road trip or are taking a plane, you should dress in something comfortable, especially if you'll have to sit for a while. You may not want to go as far as wearing pajamas, though; instead, pick out some cute loungewear like:

  • Leggings or yoga pants
  • Loose-fitting t-shirt
  • Gym shoes
  • Purse or backpack

Everyone wants to feel comfortable on travel days, and you don't have to sacrifice looks to do so. This is day one of your vacation—you'll want to look fashionable for photos or stops along the way. You can add some personality to your outfit with accessories like your favorite purse or a pair of stud earrings!

Nights Out

After a day of travel, you'll need to make a quick outfit change before a fun night out. You could go with the classic little black dress or something with a bit of color. Wear a maxi dress with a jean jacket, a jumper, or jeans with a light-colored blouse. With an ideal outfit, you can show some skin without worrying about a chilly summer breeze.

Going Downtown

In contrast to your night out, the heat of the day may get to you when you’re exploring the town, especially if you’re in a warm location. So, dress in something light like a romper. It's easy to move around in while you’re sightseeing, and unlike a dress, you don't have to worry about the skirt riding up.

Beach Day

For a day at the beach or lounging poolside, you'll need your best swimsuit, but that's not all! You'll need a coverup, sandals, and some cute accessories, too. Need inspiration? Some ideas to help liven up your outfit include:

  • Wearing a swimsuit with fun colors. Summer is the time for bright colors and bold prints!
  • Accessorizing with jewelry. Hoop earrings or chain necklaces are casual and fun.
  • Wearing a sunhat. You can pair a sunhat with sunglasses for a fashionable look.

When you're laying out at the beach or relaxing by the pool, you want a look that's fun and stylish—don't settle for less.

Lounge Day

A vacation is incomplete without at least one lounge day. On a day when you plan to do some window shopping, throw on some jeans, sandals, and a basic tee. And as far as accessorizing goes, add on a splash of color with some cute earrings or a beaded necklace.

Having various summer outfit ideas for your next vacation adventure helps you pack for a fun and fashionable trip! Bring clothing and accessories for all occasions. If you're looking for some new designer jewelry to make your outfit perfect, shop at Marissa Collections. You can find designer fine jewelry to pair with any outfit, ensuring you look fabulous whether you're window shopping or sunbathing at the beach!