The 5 Jewelry Pieces That Will Elevate Your Party Style

Get ready for party season with these showstoppers.

By: Jill Newman

Nobody makes a grand entrance better than Beyoncé who wears head-turning jewelry to amplify her glamourous star power at every event. Follow Beyoncé’s red carpet rules this season and invest in dazzling jewelry pieces that will elevate your party style—and your spirit!

All you need is one great statement piece for a dose of eye-catching glamour. Think big glittering earrings that light-up the face or a colorful cocktail ring that will have everyone asking: ‘where did you get that gorgeous jewel?’

Don’t wait for an invitation to get decked out in your best jewels, you can wear one of these pieces to make it feel like a party any day of the week. 

Pro tip: I love a glittering statement earring with a t-shirt and jeans because stunning jewels will elevate the everyday, too.

Here are the five must-have jewelry pieces that will turn up the glamour this party season.

Stylish Statement Earrings

A great pair of earrings is like a facelift: They frame the face with a dash of sparkle and light and draw attention to the eyes. For a feminine and flirty style, go for long, dangling silhouettes – either all diamond or vibrant colorful gemstones. 

Some of the best styles are flexible and flowing, like Nikos Koulis’s sinuous diamond and gold Feelings earrings that sway with every step, and Fernando Jorge’s Disco earrings that are big in volume but surprisingly lightweight and supple.

Pro tip: Blue and green-eyed women should look for gemstones that enhance the color of their eyes, such as blue sapphires, emeralds, or green tourmalines. The right earring is sure to get those baby blues noticed.

Dreamy Diamond Necklace

A diamond necklace is the perfect party accessory: It adds a dose of sparkle and goes with everything.

The diamond Riviera necklace is reminiscent of old Hollywood glamour – and never goes out of style. A sleek diamond collar is another holiday essential that appears modern and cool. New playful styles, like Jacquie Aiche’s Shaker necklace, has a fringe of diamonds that shake and shimmer.

Pro tip: If you are wearing a plunging neckline, wear a drop pendant, like Messika’s Lucky Move necklace, which draws attention to your best assets.  

Colorful Cocktail Ring

One big mouthwatering gemstone ring is attention grabbing. Fall in love with a gorgeous gemstone (maybe it’s your birthstone) or go for a whimsical butterfly or flower design. When it comes to rings, there are no limits on size.

The best cocktail rings reflect your personality – and say volumes about the true you. You can be adventurous with an animal ring or playful with an oversized flower.

Pro tip: Even big rings can be affordable. If a dreamy sapphire isn’t in budget right now, check out tourmalines and citrines. There are colorful, tempting options in every budget.

A Singular Brooch

The brooch is back–and better than ever. It’s a defining signature piece that is surprisingly versatile, and even sexy. Wear a colorful brooch on your waist, fasten it to the back of your dress or strategically on your shoulder.

Forget the classics and discover whimsical pieces, like David Webb’s monkey brooch (this works for men, too) or Kwiat’s seductive snake brooch. It’s a conversation starter at any party.

Pro tip: Get creative and wear a brooch in your hair, on your handbag, or even on a velvet cord around your neck.

Bold Bangle

Go big or go home. That’s the motto with bangles. An off-the-shoulder or sleeveless dress or top looks hot with a singular statement cuff or bangle. If you are feeling especially empowered, wear one on each wrist.

Some of the best styles shake and shimmy, like David Webb’s signature Brocade bracelet with emerald drops and Moritz Glik’s emerald and diamond Shaker tennis bracelet. If your style is modern, streamlined, Todd Reed’s bold gold cuff with a line of diamond is for you.

Pro tip: If you are in all-black, go for a colorful bangle for a flash of unexpected color.

Whether you have a black-tie event or an intimate dinner party, these jewels will make you sparkle and shine – and leave a lasting impression.