Pinterest Closet | Inspired Styling

I have a confession to make… I am addicted to Pinterest. It has become an almost household term,

“Oh, I’m making my home a Pinterest home”
“I have a Pinterest Closet”
“I learned this off of Pinterest”

It is amazing how much time I am on Pinterest being visually stimulated everyday. It is almost- if not more- distracting than Facebook.

One of my favorite things on Pinterest is the fashion pins; from pieces of clothing I just “NEED TO HAVE!” to color themes, to styling ideas.

I have always been fond of great styling, and since I joined Pinterest, I have been even more in love with the idea of styling and fashion inspirations.

Who would have thought it would be super fun to pin things from all over the web to your virtual corkboards. Some of my favorite boards to pin to from Marissa Collections is “Inspiration”, “J’adore”, “Fun Fashion”, and “Our Stylist’s Favorite Looks”.

There are many ways to use Pinterest besides pinning things that strike your fancy – you can pin ideas, clothing and accessories you want, places to visit, or “looks” you want to try and want to share later with your own personal stylist. Pinterest gives you virtual wall space at your fingertips.

I’ve found some of my favorite Pinterest looks, and having at my fingertips, I created similar looks using the images as inspiration, adding my own twists to make my outfits my own.

I love the simplicity of this look. It struck me almost immediately because I have a huge thing for stripes and shorts. I usually can never pull off a hat, so I like to wear my hair down with some slight waves or movement. I love to wear a million bracelets that compliment each other on my arm- I like to think of it as "arm candy"

This look works great for my casual weekend shopping trips in the city. It’s super cute, it’s super comfortable (a must if I am walking all over the place!), it’s functional (cross-body handbags free up my arms and I don’t have to worry about my purse falling off my shoulder) and it’s very versatile, I can change into skinny jeans and throw on a blazer and I’m ready for the beginning of Fall.

Items from Marissa’s:

Equipment Striped Tee, Michael Kors Bermuda Shorts, Manolo Blahnik Ballet Flats, Lanvin Patent Leather Belt, Federica Rettore Bracelets, Brunello Cucinelli Cross-body bag

Moving right into the cooler months of Fall, I would prefer my jaunts into the city to offer me a bit more warmth. I love the knee length of the Pinterest Inspiration, but wanted to mix it up a bit with a fishtail hem, a jacquard dress from Alexander Mcqueen for more warmth. Pair that dress with the form fitting leather jacket and I’m ready to take down the town day or night in any nude heels (I prefer Manolo Blahniks for their comfort).

I like a more casual feel to my day trips, so I would soften up my messy bun with some braids so any dangle earrings I wear would move as I walked to each of my favorite shops. With longer sleeves, watches look out of place, so wearing a statement ring is a must to compliment my earrings. I really love this look as it portrays strength and femininity at the same time.

Items from Marissa's:

Yossi Harari Earrings, Alexander McQueen Jacquard Dress, Alexander McQueen Leather Jacket, Manolo Blahnik Heels, Yossi Harari Ring

Those are my two favorites so far, especially since Fall is right around the corner! If you are on Pinterest, be sure to follow Marissa Collections on Pinterest to see more styling ideas that are just #love!