Reed aims to make an impact, both socially and environmentally, through his one-of-a-kind creations.


When Todd Reed began crafting jewelry 26 years ago, the conversations around sustainability and responsibly sourced materials in the industry were not the hot topic they are today. Over the last few decades, the Boulder, Colo.–based designer has become a key player in the realm of conscientious consumerism. Today, his efforts within and beyond his brand bring focus to the people and resources behind the craft.

For Reed, the turning point occurred when a friend shared the concept of “right relationship,” a Quaker principle that emphasizes partnerships within a community that help create a positive environment for all. “The themes of civic and social responsibility and environmental stewardship all fell under the umbrella of fine jewelry design for me, and it felt right to operate from that standpoint,” says Reed. Today, his supply chain limits waste, manages natural resource consumption, and ensures fair treatment to those involved.

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