Beware: Animals Attack Fall Fashion!

Beware: Animals Attack Fall Fashion!

Lions, leopards, tigers, snakes, reptiles, pretty much every species in the animal kingdom have preyed on fashion this fall. So much so you may feel like you have been living in a zoo. Who knew so many fashion designers were animal lovers too?

Prints of all kinds have graced just about every fashion staple and accessory possible and even venturing into the extreme (leopard print car seat covers anyone?). The urban catwalk has literally become the urban jungle and Fashionistas alike have been on the prowl to get their paws on them. We love all the fierce prints that have made their way into Marissa Collections this season with their fun and playful feel. Unique is the name of the game for this trend. Allow it to pack lots of punch while not over-powering your over-all look. Really set yourself apart by rocking one of the more unusual bold prints like crocodile or pony.


Another way to sport this trend is to simply wear the animal itself. Can’t get enough of the cowardly lion from The Wizard of Oz? Stella McCartney has come to the rescue with her short sleeve lion front tee. Or show off your extremely keen cat-like senses for impeccable fashion with Oscar de la Renta’s jeweled panther pendant necklace. This look obviously plays on The Joker’s favorite saying, “Why so serious?” Light-hearted and relaxed, these pieces are boldly ferocious fun for anyone that wears them.


Whatever way you choose to wear your animal prints this fall you will surely saunter onto the scene making a roar.