Piercing Event Deposit Policy:

This page describes our deposit policy in terms of booking appointments.

    Deposits must be paid before an appointment will be booked. Deposits are refundable, but are not transferable between clients. The deposit goes toward the cost of your piercing jewelry and will be applied towards your purchase. The purpose of the deposit is to secure your appointment time and cover the time spent preparing. In the case of a need to reschedule on your appointment, your deposit will be carried over to your new appointment if our guidelines are met.

    Deposits are refundable if your appointment is cancelled within 48 hours prior to your scheduled appointment. All cancellations or reschedules without 48 hours notice to scheduled appointment date will forfeit their deposit.

    • No call/no show
    • Less than 48 hours notice of cancellation or reschedule
    • Due to time constraints, clients who are 10 minutes late will forfeit their deposit and need to reschedule with another deposit
    • Rescheduling more than 3 times
    • Failure to reschedule a cancelled appointment within 30 days
    • Arriving to your appointment sunburnt, ill, under the influence of drugs or alcohol, hung over or otherwise unable to be pierced
    • Arriving to your appointment without valid identification
    • Failure to meet the age requirement of the piercing you request

    If you are unsure about the total fee or jewelry minimum for the service you'd like to book, please inquire prior to booking online. All jewelry purchases are non-refundable and non-exchangeable.

    We strongly suggest booking a consultation prior to anatomy-dependent piercings (please note that some piercings REQUIRE a consultation). If you choose to not book a consultation prior to your piercing and are found to be ineligible for the piercing you choose (due to anatomy, scarring, etc), you have the following options: choose another piercing at that time or rebook for a future date.

    Thank you for understanding!


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