Piercing Aftercare


  • Wash your hands thoroughly prior to cleaning or touching your piercing.

  • Do not use rubbing alcohol, hydrogen peroxide, or bactine to avoid over drying.

  • Spray each piercing front and back with sterile saline solution 2-3 times daily.

  • Allow clean water to wash over the area when showering.

  • Change your pillowcase every 2-3 days to keep the area clean while sleeping.

  • Do not touch, twist, or rotate piercing until healed.

What To Expect

  • Some bleeding, localized swelling, tenderness, and or bruising may occur.

  • The tissue from a piercing heals from the outside in, so although it may look and feel fully healed, it is important to remain patient with the process.

  • Piercings can shrink and close almost immediately so do not leave the hole empty when the time comes to change jewelry.


  • You may take your preferred painkiller to reduce any pain and swelling.

  • Avoid swimming and submerging piercing underwater until fully healed. Doing so may cause infection and delay the overall healing process.

  • Be mindful when changing clothing, wearing headphones, or brushing hair as to not catch or pull on the jewelry.

  • Avoid using makeup and other beauty products around piercing until healed.