15 Mother’s Day Jewelry Gifts That She’ll Want to Wear Every Day

15 Mother’s Day Jewelry Gifts That She’ll Want to Wear Every Day

15 Mother’s Day Jewelry Gifts That She’ll Want to Wear Every Day

You don’t need to be a mom to want these stand out pieces.

By: Jill Newman

What’s the most meaningful jewel you own? That’s an easy question for designer Monica Rich Kosann. As you can imagine, she has a big jewelry collection, but she wears her cherished gold locket every day. It holds images of her dog, her two daughters, and her late father, and the words Carpe Diem, and it is engraved with a large M. “It tells my story, it keeps me close to my family, and it empowers me,” she explains. 

Lockets and personalized and symbolic jewels are having a big moment. Blame it on the pandemic and people feeling especially nostalgic. “Gifts that are personal and sentimental are particularly meaningful right now,” says Kosann, who has transformed the classic locket into a modern talisman and style statement. There’s a locket for everyone, she notes, from slim silver pendants to chunky gold pieces with vintage diamonds and pink opals, and they are easily customized with engravings, images right from your iPhone, or even a child’s artwork.

It’s not just lockets. Jewelry is quintessentially the most treasured gift for Mother’s Day because it’s inherently precious, it can be easily personalized, and perhaps most symbolically, it is often passed down.  

Words that inspire and motivate are a great gift, especially right now, says Kosann, whose new designs include gold pendant necklaces with the words: “You had the power all along” from the movie The Wizard of Oz, a motto that the designer says gives her confidence. Another favorite expression is “never fear,” also designed to empower the wearer.

Roseanne Karmes, the designer of Sydney Evan jewelry, believes in the power of words to connect people. One of her first designs 15 years ago was love written in script and set with diamonds, and it’s still one of her most popular styles in rings, necklaces, and bracelets today. She also creates a vocabulary of inspiring words, including breathe, dream, and hope.  

 “Anything that connects you with your mother (or a loved one) is a great gift,” says Karmas. Her most meaningful jewels are a red enamel Hamsa charm on a beaded bracelet because it reminds her mother, who always sewed red thread in her clothes to ward off evil spirits. She also wears a hummingbird charm because it was the favorite of her late father. Another great way to connect is through a birthstone or a favorite color, which is offered in the designer’s range of beaded bracelets, including turquoise, rose quartz, opal, moonstone, or aquamarine.

Some jewelry designers are creating pieces that they want to wear themselves, and that’s the case with Jennifer Meyer’s gold Mama nameplate necklace. A mother of two, Meyer wears the necklace. It’s also a favorite of First Lady Jill Biden, who always wears her gold Mama necklace. 

Whether you are superstitious or not, everyone could use some good karma today, so gifts from Foundrae, Sydney Evan, or Sylva & Cie. that are adorned with a Hamsa, an evil eye, or other spiritual symbols will always be a good choice. The pieces are symbolic and stylish, and they can be layered with other pendants and rings.

Not everyone is feeling sentimental. Sometimes there’s nothing better than a great gemstone jewel to deliver a “wow” factor. Exceptional diamonds, rubies, emeralds, or opals come in a range of cocktail rings and pendants that add a punch of color and style to any outfit, and it’s likely to become a family heirloom.

Here are 15 of my favorite jewelry gifts that will last far longer than flowers and are sure to make this Mother’s Day special

Jewels with a Personal Touch

“I have a locket with my grandson Jack’s image, and I always wear it when I see him,” says Kosann. “He opens it 100 times to make sure he’s still inside.”

Stylish and Symbolic

Signature Style

Nikos Koulis-Trillion diamond Feelings ring

Color of Love

Tamara Comolli-Romance Mikado Flamingo bracelet