Time has slowed down for all of us. The speed with which we were living our lives has changed and we are left with no other choice but to pay attention to things we didn’t notice before. I have felt more abundant than ever in my life: my closet feels full, my jewelry drawer shines so bright and my handbag closet is waiting to see the sun again. Make no mistake, I am still shopping. What do you shop for when you have it all? Let me share.

Jewelry is my pleasure of choice because I believe that gemstones carry energy, metals can stand the test of time and become an instant memento of a moment in time. There is a designer for every mood and occasion.


Monica Rich Kosann is all about telling life stories through her pieces; not only making you feel beautiful but also empowered. I was drawn to her poesy bracelet with the message “Never Fear” just a few weeks before our lives changed, I never knew it would become my quarantine tranquilizer.


When I feel more playful and lighter, two moods much needed these days, I go to Alison Lou. Her colors, her self-described “deceptive simplicity of modern communication” just makes me happy. I wear my enamel Evil Eye stud to feel protected while having fun and remember the “girlfriend” moment when I bought it: my stud symbolizes my green eyes and my “babe” friend got her namesake stud as well.


Creating memories through jewelry is one of my favorite pastimes. Todd Reed collaborates with Marissa Collections frequently welcoming their clients to bring their heirlooms that are dear to their hearts but might not be so aesthetically exciting anymore. Keeping the good memories, Todd revitalizes each piece with his creativity and genius charging those gems with more happy memories. Nothing to repurpose? Start your collection with one of his stunning cuffs.


We can wear our stories everywhere we go. Beth Bugdaycay, founder of Foundrae is so much more than a great jewelry designer. She is magnetic and fascinating. Beth made a personal appearance a few months ago and you can’t help but feel the love she puts into her pieces. She makes you feel that everything you want to be is already inside you, her pieces serve as a reminder. Continued growth to find balance is within me and the Snake is there to help me remember.


Art. Nothing else needs to be said when considering a Verdura work of art. Pun completely intended. Duke Fulco di Verdura established his Jewelry House in 1939. Originally from Palermo, Sicily, his muse was Coco Chanel for whom he designed the Maltese Cross Cuff, an icon until this day. Verdura is the exemplification of “bold yet understated chic”. The jeweler collaborated with Salvador Dali on a surrealist miniature jewelry collection displayed at the MOMA in the 1940s.  Acquiring a jewel from the Verdura brand carries so much heritage and meaning.

Pursue meaning, memories, heirlooms, and art. The best part is that this greatness is all available in our “bold yet understated chic” community. Just visit Marissa Collections and tell your story. When you have it all.