Fashion implies a trend, craze or even a mania directly linked to a temporal sense that brings a rush of excitement. Nothing like the surge of adrenaline to possess the hottest item of the season. Having said that, there is no architectural marvel without a good foundation. A closet is no different. In order to let the trend-based item shine and take the spotlight, a solid foundation of essentials must be achieved: garments of the utmost importance, integral to any chic, elegant and functional wardrobe.

When I refresh a closet I look for those essential and timeless pieces only eliminating the redundancy. As a fashion lover and moreover, a fashion nerd I have spent most of my life tracking patterns and cycles of fashion. A crisp white button-down shirt is a quintessential “must-have”. The icon of this piece is Carolina Herrera; when I think of her, I see elegance. A pair of solid color trousers, versatile for any occasion. Avenue Montaigne delivers precise tailoring and cutting edge fabrics hitting all the marks on a necessary staple.

Nothing is more needed than a properly crafted tee shirt. From the fit to the materials, there is a lot of mastery in achieving simplicity. The Italian brand Aspesi comes to mind as a perfect vessel of this good: a company with a no logo philosophy aimed at clients in search of timeless garments.

Versatility and utility without sacrificing style is the definition of a silk and cashmere scarf. Understated prints or staying with solid colors, it truly becomes an investment piece when choosing the epitome of all these attributes: Brunello Cucinelli. The legendary fashion house could very well fill all the spots on what an essential wardrobe looks like, in honor of my admiration to the other brands listed, I am also widening your horizons.

Continuing on the elevated casual mood, all collections must have a good pair of jeans. Recently I have become a fan of Frame Denim due to its variety of fits never sacrificing comfort. Finding the perfect style might prove to be a journey, just have fun because it’s well worth it.

One designer master’s these two essentials: sleek blazer and the perfect knit top. Michael Kors embodies the essential luxury spirit needed for the outerwear portion no matter where the global nature of our lives takes us.

Last but not least, a pair of classic pumps by Manolo Blahnik, and a pair of fashion sneakers by Golden Goose.

There are as many flavors of women out there as women itself, paradoxically there is such thing as items of clothing that are classic, always on trend and universally flattering. For these reasons they qualify as great investments since their price per wear becomes incredibly low overtime as they are always current.

Since we are all reflecting on simplicity and minimalism, I have made an effort to make this list as efficient and purposeful as possible. You will be, from head to toe, the embodiment of timeless elegance.