Jewelry Designer Monica Rich Kosann joined our Jewelry Buyer, Jennifer McCurry, during our LIVE link up on #InstagramLive. Join us @marissanaples on Instagram!

Our jewelry buyer, Jennifer McCurry went live on Instagram with our multi-talented and dearest friend, Monica Rich Kosann to talk about her photography, brand evolution, women empowerment, Mother’s Day, and exciting upcoming product launches.

Monica Rich Kosann is best known for her unique lockets and charms, but some might be surprised to learn that she started as a portrait photographer, and not a typical photographer. She only shot in black and white to portray her client’s story, she thrived on the idea of capturing special moments, rather than poses. When she was not shooting, she was collecting vintage cigarette cases to Velcro in her client’s photos give it to them as gifts. This is where her passion for creating and designing jewelry ignited.

Monica creates jewelry that is not only beautiful but is also empowering. She is a storyteller; her brand is all about helping a woman tell her stories through her jewelry.



The Discussion

What inspired the brand?

Monica – I wanted grander themes. We are very complicated and strong, and we have a lot of celebrations and milestones.  I wanted my jewelry to reflect that.  To be empowering, tell a woman’s story and make her feel confident.

What keeps you going?

Monica – I love what I do. I never run out of ideas. I always feel inspired by everything around me, I’m inspired by my daughters, my grandson, by the women who wear my pieces.

Tell us about your lockets?

Monica – I don’t think lockets are just about holding photos. They are the sexiest piece of jewelry a woman can wear- a woman shouldn’t have just one locket.

Favorite Charm?

Monica – My Compass Charm, it represents our adventures, travel, things we do in our life. Second would be my Dorothy Charm. I’ve always loved The Wizard of Oz, the whole movie she had the power to go home. At the end of the movie, they said something to the effect of “you had the power all along my dear”.  That inspired my Dorothy Locket. I also love my moons because they represent to dream, and we should never stop dreaming. And my favorite locket is the Sun, moon & stars locket.

How did the idea for the fish charm evolve?

Monica – The Fish came to be from French pottery I found in a flea market from the Art Deco period. The thing about fish is that they swim forward and I’m all about moving forward.

Mother’s Day Recommendations?

Monica – I love the idea of a 4-image locket for Mother’s Day gift and making them like a storybook. The Dorothy Medallion is a great gift also.

Any new jewelry coming out?

Monica – Colored lockets! Those are fun because color makes you smile, and we all need some color in our lives right now and a new charm based on Greek mythology