Town & Country Editor-in-Chief Stellene Volandes joined our CEO, Jay Hartington, during our LIVE link up on #InstagramLive on Thursday, April 23rd, 2020 at 12PM ET. Join us @marissanaples on Instagram!

Stellene and Jay linked up for the second time where they chat about jewelry books, authors, and charitable efforts for the current pandemic.

The Discussion

We all talk about how every jewel has a story. That is what charms are meant to do. They are a jewelry biography essentially.

In Greek tradition, for Greek Easter, we only color eggs red. Mary Magdalene was holding a basket of eggs by the cross and asked for a sign and the blood of Jesus fell on the eggs and turned them red.

Favorite jewelry books?

Stellene – Stoned by Aja Raden,  “The Cartiers: The Untold” Its not a picture book, it is a great chronicle of the Cartier family. Its jewelry history, but its also family drama and a family business.

Favorite Jewelry authors?

Stellene – Stefano Papi, Amin Jaffer, and Vincent Meylan.

On charity efforts:

Stellene –  I worked with Have a Heart program to design a heart charm to benefit Broadway Cares.

Hearst foundations donated 50mil towards COVID 19 relief efforts.

Design Unites – editors got donations from designers, and actors, dancers, jewelers and we paired with Charity Buzz and there’s an online auction for COVID-19 relief efforts.

Are there things that Town & Country is planning?

Stellene – The whole team of editors now contributes every day to the website – you will see names you know from the magazine online as well. Town & Country is almost 200 years old, so history is on our side. It is a strong brand because it always puts its readers first and will continue to do that across all platforms.