Yin and yang, high and low, night and day... In traditional Chinese culture, yin yang simply means shadows and light. It is usually used to describe how polar opposites are interconnected and interdependent in the natural world – basically – it is a balancing act. The Chinese really take this yin yang approach to their lifestyle: even being a theory in feng shui – which focuses on finding good qi. I learned how this ideology could translate to our personal styles today; and how sometimes, when we're out of sync with our fashion sense, a knowledgeable stylist is quite handy! I asked Jitka, one of our store stylists to style two looks for me today for our Facebook feature: Stylist Pick of the Week. The theme? . She over delivered with a dark gorgeous Marchesa gown and a light Blumarine blouse & Yves Saint Laurent pants combo, which not only flatters Derice (model/stylist) but also really shows Jitka’s style yin yang. Jitka describes her first look to me as:
I want to keep it simple with the gown, it’s just so lovely, and it looks magnificent on Derice that to overpower that by over-accessorizing would not balance the look. (seen with Iradj Moini Bracelet, Alexander McQueen Sandals)
On her second look (Which I just ADORE!) I’m starting to understand Jitka’s thinking:
Derice’s hair is red, pairing it with it’s complementary opposite, green, makes both the vibrancy of the accessories and her face pop. (seen with J Mendel Bolero, Lucifer vir Honestus Jade earrings, Givenchy clutch and Manolo Blahnik pumps)
It’s all about balance here ladies. You can wear pants one evening and look fabulous, and a gorgeous gown the next and still look fabulous – it’s all about understanding yin and yang. Thank you Jitka for the style session! All photography by yours truly.