Why Jewelry is the Best Gift to Give on Valentine’s Day

Why Jewelry is the Best Gift to Give on Valentine’s Day

Why Jewelry is the Best Gift to Give on Valentine’s Day

Here are 21 symbolic and sentimental jewels that are sure to make anyone swoon and smile!

By: Jill Newman

Some people love Valentine’s Day and others think it’s a silly holiday. But we can all agree that everyone needs a reason to celebrate this year more than ever, so why not celebrate love? And it isn’t a holiday just for couples—it’s a day dedicated to the spirit of love which includes love for family, friends, partners, and the best kind of love: self-love! 

For centuries, jewelry has been an expression of love and romance, and for good reason. It’s precious, enduring, and it’s something you wear close to your heart – both literally and figuratively.

Jewelry imbues any occasion with lasting significance because gemstones and diamonds, which were formed within the earth over millions of years, convey energy and symbolism. They are worn and cherished as protective amulets and good luck charms and as emblems of devotion and celebration.


When it comes to showing some love, rubies and diamonds are often the most favored gems. Rubies are most associated with love because of their rich red color. Since medieval times rubies have denoted passion, desire and romance, and who wouldn’t want all that wrapped up in a beautiful ring or pendant? 

Diamonds are obviously the universal symbol of love, but their historical significance runs much deeper. As the hardest substance on the planet, diamonds have embodied power, strength and commitment for centuries. You can never go wrong with a gift of a diamond on this holiday, and they can add a little sparkle to even a tired romance. 

But don’t limit yourself to classic jewelry gifts. This year think about jewels as talismans to protect your loved ones, or as colorful and whimsical accessories that will surely make them smile.

Right now, people are craving love and connection, and a reason to smile and celebrate. That’s why we made it easy to deliver all that with a curated Valentine’s Day jewelry gift list that goes beyond the expected hearts and rubies (we have some of those, too). These jewels—whether as a gift for someone or for yourself—have a feel-good factor that will last long after February 14.   

Jewelry that touches the heart and soul

Forget about basics this Valentine’s Day and go for jewelry with deeper meaning.

Symbolic jewels, while no less stylish and fun, can be an empowering and personal accessory and, if you are believer, it can deliver the good karma that we all want right now. 

The newest designs feature stylized ancient signs of protection, like Buddha Mama’s evil eye pieces and Foundrae’s celestial themed pendants. Greek designer Lito Karakostanoglou reimagined the scarab, an emblem of rebirth and good luck, in fashionable pendants and rings.

Monica Rich Kosann gives jewelry a personal touch with locket pendants that have a special place for photographs; it’s an update on a favorite classic. And playful words of love embedded with diamonds never go out style. 

MONICA RICH KOSANN Slim Oval Pinstripe Eve Locket Necklace
SYDNEY EVAN Big Pave Love Script Necklace
FOUNDRAE Extended Clip Karma Choker
FOUNDRAE Extended Clip Karma Choker

Jewels with a blast of precious color

A bold colorful jewel becomes a woman’s style signifier.

Some people have an affinity for a particular stone, perhaps their birthstone or a color, and others simply fall in love with a striking design. It’s easy to fall for Bayco’s large ruby ring set in black gold and surrounded by pave rubies. This cabochon-cut ruby has a mystical quality – and is the kind of heirloom gemstone that will endure for generations to come. Another statement piece is designer Fernando Jorge’s rich red rubellite, pink topaz and diamond in sculptural earrings. Fred Leighton’s dreamy necklace of rose-cut diamonds and tumbled ruby beads is the kind precious chain that becomes an everyday signature. 

FRED LEIGHTON Rosecut Diamond and Ruby Bead Necklace
FRED LEIGHTON Rosecut Diamond and Ruby Bead Necklace
FERNANDO JORGE Rubellite Diamond and Topaz Flare Earrings
FERNANDO JORGE Rubellite Diamond and Topaz Flare Earrings

Designers also used color in whimsical ways: Italian jeweler Bea Bongiasca created bright enamel vine rings with gemstones (they look best in multiples), and Emily P Wheeler’s rainbow gemstone ring is a playful expression. For a more feminine style, Larkspur & Hawk’s earrings are made with colorful foil-backed stones that echo Georgian-era jewels with a modern sensibility. 

BEA BONGIASCA Baby Vine Turquoise Enamel Ring
LARKSPUR & HAWK Antoinette Girandole Earrings
EMILY P WHEELER California Rainbow Ombre Ring
EMILY P WHEELER California Rainbow Ombre Ring

Hearts that are anything but classic

The classic heart can be a bit too literal or sophomoric for some, but the new variations show hearts in colorful, sophisticated and even edgy designs.

Even you aren’t a heart person, you may change her mind after seeing these stylish jewels. Sylva Yepremian, the Los Angeles-based designer behind Sylva et Cie, created a super-chic rose-gold heart ring covered in Champagne color diamonds. Other irresistible hearts include Irene Neuwirth’s simple carved opal heart pendant necklaces and Guita’s pink sapphire heart earrings

LEIGH MAXWELL Blue Sapphire Mini Heart Pendant
GUITA M Sapphire and Ruby Heart Studs
SYLVA & CIE Champagne Diamond Heart Ring

For the love of diamonds

If you want the wow factor, diamonds always deliver.

Some of the freshest styles are edgy minimalist designs that are the kind of “live in” diamonds people never take off. Diamonds are reimagined in a range of styles to suit every personality, from rocker-chic diamond chains to the classic solitaire stud earrings, so it’s best to find the jewelry that really suits her personal style. 

Designer Gaia Repossi creates diamond designs for the modern minimalist with rings that give the illusion of stones floating on the finger. Jade Trau, who comes from a family of prestigious diamond dealers, creates easy-going layering pieces, like gold chain necklaces and bracelets interspersed with exceptional quality diamonds that radiate light and energy. Diamond earrings are always a safe bet because the right earrings can reflect light on the face for an instant glow, and wouldn’t want that? Designer Suzanne Kalan put a contemporary twist on the classic hoop with a spiral of baguette stones. Moritz Glik knows how to have fun with diamonds by placing loose stones in a crystal pendant necklace so they can shake and shimmer.

MORITZ GLIK Oval Halo Diamond Shaker Necklace
JADE TRAU Small Penelope Diamond Necklace
REPOSSI Serti Sur Vide Diamond Earcuff
SUZANNE KALAN Medium Spiral Diamond Baguette Earrings