Paris Fashion Week began yesterday. Being, in my opinion, the undisputed 'fashion capitol' of the world comes with a schedule filled to overflowing with celeb studded front rows, Sartorialist-worthy street style, and champagne soaked soirees unlike any other. This is a time of year that I look forward to very much. The catwalk in Paris is a live wire; a direct link to the life blood on which the fashion community thrives. And despite the ups and downs the world economy has seen recently, I can honestly say that fashion is fun again. There is absolutely nothing stopping the fashion community... the rules have been thrown out and as it has always been, it's sink or swim. Recently we've seen fresh faces breathing new life into storied houses, designers moving on to the next big thing with a new posting, couturier's celebrating a decade of brilliant work with their current house, and the reestablishment of brands we thought defunct long ago.In the midst of this fashion melee I cannot help but think of one person in particular who would have loved being privy to the happenings of the style community today; and believe you me, she would be privy.

The Eye has to Travel, the documentary detailing the life and career of Diana Vreeland opened last Friday. Vreeland, famed fashion editor of Harper's Bazaar and Vogue (and the style confidant of Jackie O), can be credited for singlehandedly changing the face of fashion and molding it into what we know and love today. Whether she was rubbing elbows with the Hollywood elite at Studio 54 or discovering the rising stars of the modeling world, her mind was always finely attuned to one ideal: 'style is everything.' Touted by photographer Richard Avedon as 'the only genius fashion editor,' Diana Vreeland was known for making bold statements about the travesty some were making the dress code of the time into. To her there was no real dress code, she focused on flaws and loved the unusual and exciting. I believe that as Paris Fashion Week continues to unfold we will get a glimpse into the mind of Diana Vreeland and bear witness to the energy of fashion and where the future of the industry lies.

Editorially Yours,

P. S. Diana Vreeland's famous column for Harper's Bazaar was also titled "Why Don't You..." in which she would pose a scenario that you would then follow. In true Diana fashion I now propose we play the same game. Why don't you... leave a fabulous comment telling me your favorite Paris Fashion Week moment?