The world of fashion and style is as rewarding as it is a challenge. The constancy of style will always be a necessity, but fashion and trends are forever in flux; as is our schedule. We’ve brought you with us to see the Oscar de la Renta Resort 2012 fashion show, you’ve seen us in the showroom sifting through the fabulous gowns and accessories to ultimately bring you the best, and soon you will be along for the ride again as we keep you updated in New York, Paris and Milan. However, as exciting as the future of fashion is we would like to focus on the here and now and bringing you the essential summer.

Summer Loving

It’s time to fall in love with summer and this season it isn’t difficult. Warm weather silhouettes are light as air and high on romance. Daytime looks are easy, but what ever will you wear for evening? Glamour done simply is the best approach so we paired an Yves Saint Laurent cotton bustier top with Michael Kors crystal embellished silk pants and an Oscar de la Renta alligator skin and chain belt.

Your glowing skin and sun kissed hair is, of course, the ultimate accessory but to bring the allure of summer full circle we love the pop of red on the Fendi suede cage sandals and the unique elegance of the Alexander McQueen lucite skull clutch bag.

Sign of the Times

Our unique ability to pick those special pieces for your very distinct occasions could be called extra sensory perception, but we like to call it destiny… and yours is set in gold. What do the cards hold for the month of June? With a bohemian air about summer we think that Asha by ADM mother of pearl zodiac pendants and turquoise drop earrings add a bit of magic to any outfit.

Into the Fold

The secret to great style is anticipation, planning, and someone to clear obstacles and navigate the way. Similarly, when choosing a spot in which to vacation, or even staycation, you will need a knowledgeable guide so you don’t end up somewhere less than desirable. For 35 years Marissa Collections has provided excellent styling services to its clients here in Naples, so it follows that we would be resident experts on the best places to dine, see, and do for stylish Neapolitans and visitors alike. Take a look at our Marissa Collections’ Insider’s Guide on our website for more details.