Rumba Time watches are waterproof, easy to wear, and look great alone or stacked together. The Rumba Time watch is the perfect accessory to add a streak of color while surfing, skating, doing yoga, or gallivanting around town. Each Rumba Time watch comes in its own sleek, fun test tube package and retails for only $20. After attending Emory University together, co-founders and close friends Drew Deters, Joe Anto and Jay Hartington traveled the globe for their respective careers. The recent economic collapse only served to strengthen this view, and so the three friends sought to introduce a product that was vibrant and functional, while also having a positive global impact which later led to the launch of their new brand RumbaTime watch, a silicone digital timepiece, ranging in a rainbow of 32 + colors including glow-in-the dark, tie dye, neon green and bright blue to classic black and white.