Wax On, Wax Off

Wax On, Wax Off

It started with cowboys back in the 1950’s and now jeans have become the most popular clothing item in the world. More and more, the classic American blue jean is evolving into something very unique.

Like everything in fashion, jeans have gone through a variety of trends; Some good and some bad. In 2008 during the Balmain craze I remember when everyone was obsessed with overly distressed, ripped skinny jeans... Which I loved!

For the past few seasons we have been embracing the colored denim trend. For Fall and Resort seasons, our favorite jean brands have offered jeans in bold, jewel tones. I favor J Brand’s deep turquoise skinny jeans and Rag and Bone’s plum colored slim fit jeans.

So there is treated denim, colored denim… what’s next you might ask? Coated denim! Jeans are being coated with a pigment resin finish that gives off a shiny, leather-like look that is guaranteed to make a statement.

Stella McCartney has jumped on this trend with a rocker-chic metallic blue jean. The best thing about this trend is that you achieve that rock star look while getting the comfort of a well-fitting jean.

Yes, the classic American blue jean is and will always be an important staple for everyone. But incorporate these new trends into your jean collection to give your wardrobe a much needed update!