Valentine's Day | Holiday Special

Valentine's Day | Holiday Special

Valentine's Day has been around for hundreds of years. What brought this chocolate infused, flower giving, card receiving holiday to be one of the most popular holidays in the world? There are many different theories about the beginning of Valentine's Day.




The Catholic Church has three saints named Valentine (all were martyred or killed). One St. Valentine was thought to have served during third century Rome. Emperor Claudius II decided single men made better soldiers then those with wives so he outlawed marriage. Valentine saw this injustice and wed young lovers in secret. Once he was discovered, Claudius ordered Valentine to be put to death.


Valentine's Day also has roots in the pagan celebration of 'Lupercalia', the fertility festival. While Christianity was becoming a big part of the world, all the other religions were 'Christinized' by taking their rituals and making them revolve around Christianity. The festival of Lupercalia was celebrated by members of the Luperci, an order of Roman priests. Goats and dogs were sacrificed to represent fertility and purification. Young women would then put their names in a big urn and young men would draw a name. This lead to marriage for many. ob_ea3949_wgb8vqk These days Valentine's Day means a bouquet of red roses and a chocolate filled heart box. While flowers die and chocolates get eaten, other presents will last for years to come. If you have having difficulty finding something special for the love of your life check out our gifting section curated for Valentine's Day.






Not only will you be hailed as the new St. Valentine but she'll have something to show her friends long after their chocolate has been eaten.