Top 8 Must-Know Fashion Styles for Fall 2021

While some articles of clothing are classic must-haves, others aren’t. So, what was in style last summer may not be now. Start shopping for lovely pastels, puffy sleeves, and beautiful jewelry. Check out these top 8 must-know fashion styles for Fall 2021 so that you can beat the heat and look fabulous.

Style One: Cutout Clothing

Whether it’s a dress, top, or bathing suit, wearing cutout clothing is a perfect way to get some Vitamin D while looking great. You can reveal hints of skin with cutouts along your midsection or neckline, depending on what part of your body you plan to show off!

Style Two: Open-Back Clothing

Open-back styles are also among the top 8 must-know fashion styles for Fall 2021. They’re perfect for anyone looking to show off their skin through a variety of clothing. Form-fitting and flowy tops with open backs are equally stylish!

Style Three: Puffy Sleeves

Sleeves that make a statement are in fashion, particularly puffy sleeves. This fashion must-have keeps you cool and makes your outfits stand out. Fashion experts recommend this style for your next night out.

Style Four: Glitter and Shine

Throughout the year, different designers put out different colors and prints. And in summer, you should add shiny fabrics to your wardrobe! Look for metallic and shimmery clothing with cutout designs to take things a step further by combining fashion trends.

Bonus Fashion Tip

Florals are another print to look out for! Traditionally popular in Summer, florals are the new must-have print this Fall. As more fashion experts and designers wear florals throughout Fall, these prints are becoming even more desirable.

Style Five: Flowy Dresses

Fall is the ideal time for loose-fitting or intentionally oversized dresses because both offer better airflow. And on a hot summer day, nothing’s better than lightweight clothing since the occasional breeze will cool you down.

Style Six: Wide-Leg Pants

Just as loose-fitting dresses are fashionable, so are wide-leg pants. Some have gone so far as to say loose-fit clothing may override tight styles in popularity because they increase feelings of comfort and relaxation.

Style Seven: Denim

Denim jackets and shorts never go out of style, and both are staples in your closet. Because of this, denim remains essential. Moreover, you can use it to dress outfits up or down. A denim jacket instantly makes your work outfit more casual when you go out for drinks with the ladies after hours.

Style Eight: Scarf Tops

Scarves are one of the first accessories most think of when planning a Fall outfit, but that doesn’t mean you can’t wear them. Rather than wearing it around your neck, transform it into a top! You can browse for inspirational ideas on how to style it.

Remember, the perfect Fall pieces are versatile. With them, you can mix and match to build various outfits is easy. Shop at Marissa Collections if you’re looking for a luxury fashion boutique to buy the perfect summer clothes and accessories!