Tips for Knowing What Earrings Flatter Your Face Shape

Tips for Knowing What Earrings Flatter Your Face Shape

Tips for Knowing What Earrings Flatter Your Face Shape

We often base the jewelry we choose to wear off what compliments our features. For example, some of us prefer dainty rings because they flatter slender fingers. Earrings can also flatter us! Since each face shape is different, what best suits each one varies. So, before you pick out just any pair, consider these tips for knowing what earrings flatter your face shape. 

Diamond Face Shape

Those with a diamond-shaped face typically have higher cheekbones and a sharper chin. Just about every earring worn compliments their features because of the natural heart shape. Some great options to include in your jewelry box are chandelier earrings and studs. If you’re looking for something new, then browse through a wide variety of women’s designer earrings at Marissa Collections!

Square Face Shape

On a square-shaped face, your forehead, cheekbones, and jawline all align fairly closely. To even this out and flatter your face shape, aim for large hoop earrings or rounded studs. Since neither of these earring shapes has sharp angles, it softens the square shape.

Round Face Shape

On a round face, the cheekbones are wider than the forehead and jawline, which gives a rounded appearance. And as far as earrings go, dangly ones look great because they create an optical illusion—long, dangly designs make a round face look longer. However, as you search out the perfect pair, remember to avoid anything too wide.

Heart Face Shape

Individuals with heart-shaped faces have a wider forehead and smaller chin, but the right earrings can help balance this out. Fashion experts recommend people with heart-shaped faces wear dangly tear-drop-shaped earrings to even out the shape. Curved earrings also help balance facial features by drawing attention to the lower half of the face.

Oval Face Shape

On oval faces, none of the facial features are too wide or narrow, and for this reason, it’s considered the ideal face shape. If your face is oval-shaped, then you’re in luck because you can wear just about any shape of earrings and look fantastic! When you’re aiming for what looks best, then wear oval or triangular earrings. All these shapes truly highlight your symmetrical features.

Remember these tips for knowing what earrings flatter your face shape the next time you’re picking out your jewelry. Ultimately, the earrings you put on should be something you love. But if you’re looking to accentuate your beauty and flatter your face shape, then go with something that compliments your features. Shop at Marissa Collections for must-have earrings that flatter every face shape!