A vintage photograph of old fishermen — “wearing their pants up to here,” said Mary-Kate Olsen, her hand positioned at her sternum — turned into a key reference point for her and her sister Ashley’s beautiful resort collection for The Row. They handled the nautical — a common fashion theme — with exceptional subtlety and nuance, producing a lineup that was at once full of exquisite speciality and class luxury. There was a quiet wow factor to many of the pieces, such as a new take on a fisherman’s coat done in canary-yellow leather; riffs on fisherman’s knits handwoven from luscious yarns into artful knots and fringe on a cropped sweater and skirt; and a leather clutch lined in long-haired alpaca. On the more causal side, the designers showed ultralight denim — skirts, wide-leg pants and tops — in shades of Japanese indigo that ranged from delicate to deep, and reimagined those ridiculously high-waisted pants from the photo into chic paper bag-waisted skirts.