Jewelry Designer, Tamara Comolli

Jewelry designer, Tamara Comolli’s favorite outfit is jeans, sandals, and a large, vibrant ring adding a touch of simple elegance. With a brand identity identical to her carefree, yet graceful lifestyle, the term “casual luxury” as she likes to describe her collection, is the epitome of what the brand represents. With a collection of colored gems that started out as a hobby, Comolli officially launched her brand in 1992. Mixing stones, colors, and textures, her designs seem to effortlessly combine to create a more sophisticated look and individual style. For inspiration, Comolli pulls from her adventures traveling, nature, and fashion decorating stylish, confident, international women of all ages.

To her, luxurious jewelry isn’t about the carat weight. The exceptional quality of the stones, craftsmanship, design integrity, and the feel of the piece resting against your skin all play into its richness. With three boutiques (Southampton, NY and two in Germany) up and running and recently winning the De Beers Design award for her “Forbidden Paradise” leaf, the Tamara Comolli brand is fit for long-term success. Marissa Collections spoke with Ms. Comolli about her career, values, and of course, jewelry. Read on for the exclusive interview.

Marissa Collections: What originally inspired you to design jewelry?

Tamara Comolli: My passion and love for gemstones.

MC: What is the biggest milestone or proudest moment in your career so far?

TC: Opening my first TAMARA COMOLLI Boutique in Southampton, NY.

MC: Where is your favorite place in the world and why?

TC: Thailand’s beaches, because this is where I can let go and find myself again.

MC: How do you feel about Marissa Collections as a home for your collection?

TC: Marissa Collections is the perfect venue for combining couture clothing and precious jewelry. My brand is right at home.

MC: What personal piece of jewelry is most special to you?

TC: The Snowflakes Leaf because I wear it all the time. The original version called “Forbidden Paradise” won the prestigious De Beers Design award.

MC: What is your idea of perfect happiness?

TC: Quality time with family and friends.

MC: What is your favorite journey?

TC: Travelling the world to find new gemstones and materials to create new and exciting pieces for my collection.

MC: Which talent would you most like to have?

TC: I love to cook. I just wish I would have more time to practice! I actually would like to open a restaurant some day.

MC: What do you consider your greatest achievement?

TC: My son, Timmy.

MC: What is your most treasured possession?

TC: My “one-of-a-kind” collectible gemstones, which include my treasured Paraiba gemstone.

MC: Who are your heroes in real life?

TC: My team who helps me realize my dreams and turns them into reality.

MC: What is your motto?

TC: Casual, yet elegant.

MC: What is your favorite stone?

TC: I adore sapphires in all colors from pale pink to deep green and bright orange.

Marissa Collections will be hosting a Tamara Comolli Jewelry Trunk Show with Ms. Comolli making a personal appearance. The event will be held April 5th-7th with a meet and mingle cocktail reception with the designer on April 5th from 5-7PM. RSVP to 239.384.6111.