Stella McCartney incorporates a signature style of sexy femininity, natural confidence and sharp tailoring throughout each of her ready-to-wear collections. From floral flowing dresses to work ready pant suits, Stella McCartney’s ready-to-wear clothing flawlessly combines a gracefully chic essence with slight structure. Each of McCartney’s pieces let women of all sizes and shapes embody this effortlessly appealing look. Understanding the woman’s body is key and she does just that. Matching a menswear style trouser pant with a plunging neckline; with these types of looks she combines the unexpected and creates masterpieces. Who doesn’t love an adorable collared blouse with peaks of lace detailing? Stella McCartney embodies femininity unlike any other designer for fabulously put together looks with ease. Femininity Embodied by Stella McCartney Stella McCartney's Chic Essence Effortless Looks by Stella McCartney