It has been a difficult winter for those considered fashion forward in the North; wearing stilettos in a snow drift is considerably undesirable, not to mention having to continuously bundle and unbundle between showroom, fashion show, office, and taxi. Spring is right on the horizon, and everyone is clamoring for breezy full skirts from Marc Jacobs, Chloé sandals, and beachy big hats. However, beneath the spring frenzy lies something darker; the fall buy. Here we are gearing up for our spring deliveries to hit full tilt, and we have to jump ahead to September and October and anticipate the needs of our customers both here in Naples as well as those in colder climes, and those traveling the world.

Our buyers were particularly impressed with the fitted silhouettes at Marc Jacobs, soft and easy layers at The Row, and the luxurious earthen palette at Donna Karan.

The It Trends for the runway were head-to-toe knits, fun with fur, neutrals, and an abundance of texture. Soft and romantic or structured with peplum details, Item blouses were everywhere; most with a tie at the neck. Boots and booties, as well as sandals with stacked heels were the rule and not the exception; and bags in shiny patent leather made multiple appearances.

Climate dressing is always key, and at Marissa Collections we know the importance of fabric weights. We try to stray away from really heavy duty pieces unless they are absolutely amazing. The layered look is the mode of dress for Fall 2011 and is a great way to be able to wear items in multiple ways, hot or cold.