The latest addition to Marissa Collections' impressive jewelry gallery is Los Angeles-based, old-world manufacturing house, Sylva & Cie. Radiating a timeless quality that surpasses trends and seasons, Sylva & Cie’s collection captures the essence of the unique. With over twenty years of experience crafting and manufacturing distinct pieces, co-owner, Sylva Yepremian (her husband, Raffi Yepremian is the other owner), celebrate the diversity of their clientele and take pride in a hands-off approach - allowing their jewelry and the client to connect on a personal level.

Born in Lebanon and making her way to Los Angeles at sixteen by way of Paris, Sylva has always had an artistic and creative flare. From designing posters for the LA Athletic Club to fabricating silkscreen prints for an LA-based fashion company, Sylva has continuously fed her creative hunger. It was under the tutelage of Sylva’s father, Jirair Guiragossian, the master jeweler for The Maison Cartier in Paris, where she received skilled and dedicating training for the jewelry-making craft.

Vintage and the Art Deco period lend inspiration for Sylva & Cie’s contemporary pieces along with her fascination for nature and the environment in its most organic and unrefined beginnings. Key characteristics of Sylva & Cie’s work are visible through asymmetrical faceted stones, distressed patinas, and unique shades of gold. Beginning each piece as a hand-drawn sketch, Sylva creates and cultivates at least one new piece every day with the entire manufacturing process taking place in Los Angeles.

Churning out four collections a year of the most rare, interesting, and one-of-a-kind creations, Sylva & Cie has set the bar incredibly high for extremely special jewelry.