Our skin often finds itself in a state of transition when a new season is upon us. For example, during fall and winter, our sebum levels change based on seasonal environmental factors like wind, sun, and colder, drier air. These changes in the environment can also result in imbalanced, tough-to-treat skin.

Using a multi-active product like Active Botanical Serum is key to targeting the variety of concerns consistent with the changing weather. The potent blend of plant nutrition in our liquid gold effectively hydrates, brightens, calms, and clarifies, so your very best skin can shine through.


Avocado — packed with omega-3s and vitamins A, D, and E — deeply nourishes parched complexions. Our tamanu supports healing and balancing of the skin, which is especially beneficial if you have both oily and dry patches.


Fatty-acid-rich rosehip, balancing evening primrose, and anti-inflammatory neroli help treat current breakouts while reducing the likelihood of new flare-ups.


If you are dealing with lackluster skin, minor scarring, and/or dark spots, the brightening lemon peel and bergamot in Active Botanical Serum will help fade them away so you’re left with an even tone. We also removed any photosensitizing properties in these ingredients for added protection.

“I never thought I would be able to find one product that could 1) balance out my skin 2) prevent breakouts 3) improve radiance 4) reduce redness overall and most importantly 5) clear up the post-acne inflammatory marks that are the BANE of my (skincare) existence.”