A Diamond on a Thread

RedLine is a French jewelry line best known for pioneering the “diamond on a string” concept. Their famous lucky charm bracelets are made in Paris with love and passion and adorned with conflict-free white diamond(s) in your favorite cut. They can be worn by women, men and children of all ages. Each color represents a feeling depending on our mood. RedLine strings are exclusively designed and created in their Parisian workshop from ultra-resistant threads designed for daily wear and can tolerate up to 175lbs of weight. They are waterproof, resistant to sports activities, and can be worn during sleep. RedLine strings are true lucky charms and are available in more than 80 different colors. Associated for centuries with love, luck, or miracles, string jewelry has different meanings throughout the world. In Japan, the string unites passion with love, grants wishes in Israel and signifies eternal protection in India. The string bracelet in Thailand brings great mental strength, while it represents spiritual dedication in the Vatican. Considered a lucky charm in Brazil while in China, the string is a symbol of destiny. The string jewelry is rich in meanings. Its origin marks the oldest and the youngest generations, by its history and its diversity.

Discover the thread color meanings behind the RedLine designs we carry:


Red string

RedLine has made red its emblem and iconic color since its foundation. Red brings emotion to life, evokes sensuality and kindles passion. This blazing color embodies love and devotion. Dynamic, vivid and powerful, red protrudes as energetic, warm, and penetrating color.


Blue string

Blue is the color of the sea, the sky. It symbolizes open spaces, freedom, infinity, and tranquility. It also expresses loyalty, sincerity, and trust. This color embodies positive and consoling emotions. Blue brings security, stability, and serenity to those who wear it. Blue incarnates soul and wisdom in Feng Shui. This color is sedating known to have positive effects on the mind and the body. It is used to inspire calming reflections and meditation.


Neon string

Jolly, enlightening, and bright pigments of colors the have been playfully chosen by RedLine design studio bringing you joy and cheerful mood.


Pink string

Pink represents gentleness, tenderness, compassion, and romance. The French house diligently works on the chromatic field of colors to develop gradients and shades of pink, from the flashy hues and pastel tones to the most subtle casts and fruity tints.


Yellow string

 Yellow is the door light, joy, youth, and friendship. It brings warmth and clarity to our lives. It represents liveliness and confidence. This joyful color brings bliss and glee to your days.


Black string

Although black is the strongest of neutral colors, it is identified as a non-color just exactly its opposite, white. This intense, prodigious color is often times associated with power, elegance, and prestige. It executes sophisticated aura making this color distinct and noble.

Black is worn with luxury, grace, grandeur, and splendor.