Rainy Day... Go Away

When I arrived at work this morning, it seemed imminent that the skies would open up and there would be a downpour. The wind was whipping over the hood of my car, and I heard the rumble of thunder in the distance. I knew that today I would write a Rainy Day Blog. However, just when I started to think about wellies and umbrellas the sun parted the clouds and it actually turned into a very lovely day; albeit quite warm, but gorgeous in the shade.

Instead of grey thunderheads and even greyer rainy-day couture, thoughts of colorful clothing began to dance in my head. Peter Som’s boldly sophisticated dresses, and skirts with elegant edge were the culprit behind my cheery disposition, and I want to share them with you. In Som’s bio it says that he is inspired by his architect parents and the laid-back elegance of hippie-era Bay Area. His prints are bold and the Som woman a tad bolder. We love the eccentric nature of retro inspired, colorful pieces like the Marble Print Soft Pleat Skirt, and the Scoop Neck Cloque Dress. With many awards under his belt, a list of apprenticeships with the likes of Michael Kors and Calvin Klein, as well as the launch of his own line in 2001, we see why Peter Som receives so much attention.