Put Some Flounce in your Bounce

Frilly and feminine, flounce hems have been adding decoration to women’s skirt and dress hems since the middle 1500’s. Derived from the Old French word, “fronce” meaning “gather” or “pleat”, this adornment basically denotes a pleat that is a little wider than a ruffle that can vary in height or width depending on the piece’s style.

When the hoop skirt made its debut in the mid-1800’s, flounce hems picked up in popularity. Mainly attached to ball gowns and evening dresses, the charming addition was a great way to enhance the movement and interest of the garment. Women believed when they danced it fluttered and caught the eye of their onlookers.

Since the 19th century, this hemline has popped up here and there throughout fashion’s timeline in the early 1900’s and then again in the 40’s and 50’s and once more in the 70’s. Seeming to go in a pattern of every few decades, the flounce hem has made its way back to runways showing up on Pre-Fall and Fall 2012 catwalks during fashion week.

Featured in fitted skirts, body-hugging dresses, or flowing frocks, the flounce hem is back with a vengeance. We love the way it elongates the line of the body and adds some ornamentation to the piece. Maybe the women in the 1800’s were on to something because it surely has caught our eye.

Simple and chic, this fashion lover is wearing her flounce hem skirt in just the right way. Keeping her proportions in check with her blousy top tucked in to show off the clean line of the skirt and a wedge elongating her legs. Tres magnifique! Frilly yours,