peter pilotto spring 2014

Peter Pilotto RTW Spring 2014

Next up in Target’s ongoing designer collaborations: Peter Pilotto and Christopher De Vos, who announced the project via video projectors aimed at their cement runway. The bargain-priced collection is slated to arrive in North American stores Feb. 9, and on for international clients.

The Minneapolis-based retailer said it chose the Antwerp, Belgium-trained duo for their knack with “hyper-real” digital prints and searing color. Both are strong suits on many London catwalks, and were magnified on the Peter Pilotto runway to a “volcanic” degree, to borrow a word from the show notes.

Volcanic, too, were the shapes of jutting skirts and dresses, supported by stiff crinolines that were sometimes visible. Between those geometric shapes, the layered kimonolike jackets — and the orchid lace patch-worked over psychedelic prints — it was a lot for the eye to absorb. The most appealing looks were two-piece dresses, especially when prints were spliced with white shirts, or lace was layered on plain fabrics. Ruffle-front tops and slipdresses were also terrific, their soft architecture muffling the noisy prints.

peter pilotto spring 2014 peter pilotto spring 2014