A 90’s homage with oversized masculinity, Stella McCartney’s fall collection was full of pinstripes to purples to plaid. Voluminous blazer dresses are balanced out with other pieces daunting lace detailing and sweetheart necklines for a peak of femininity. The clean and functional aesthetic is clear with overwhelmingly chic oversized cuts and asymmetrical shapes. Classic tailoring appears to be admired throughout with sleek lines in this overly neutral yet intriguingly sophisticated collection. A modern flair is also visible through cartoonish prints and exaggerated shapes. Overall, the collection is a new direction for Stella worth swooning over.
Stella McCartney's Intriguingly Sophisticated CollectionStella McCartney's Modern Flair - Fall 2013 Stella McCartney's Clean & Functional AestheticStella McCartney's Peak of Femininity