Oscar de la Renta Runway Evening Dress Gowns Pink Purple Red Maroon Ruffles Silk

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One of the most renowned names in fashion, Oscar de la Renta is the epitome of classic femininity with a touch of couture elegance. Particularly known for red carpet gowns and evening wear, his designs exude with lady-like touches from exquisite embroidery to lace to floral. Blouses, sweaters and cardigans are meticulously designed with only the most flattering of silhouettes so women of all ages, shapes and sizes are drawn to his pieces. Full skirts, ruffled and sleek dresses alike are also focal points throughout each of his desirable collections.

Oscar de la Renta Floral Pink Sheer Blouse

Oscar de la Renta Silk Dress Floral Blue Navy Teal Pearl

Oscar de la Renta Strapless Evening Gowns as a Nude Embellishment

Oscar de la Renta: Runway Evening Dress Gowns in Pink, Purple, Red, Maroon, Ruffles, & Silk