Monica Rich Kosann: Locket x Color

Monica Rich Kosann: Locket x Color

Pink Enamel Cushion Enamel Locket, Monica Rich Kosann, $490

Locket x Color Collection

Lockets were the first jewelry pieces introduced to the Monica Rich Kosann brand since launching in 2003. They are empowering pieces of jewelry that allow us to hold our memories close to our hearts and tell our story. There are so many ways to personalize your locket, you can go the traditional route and fill it with your favorite photos or fill it with whatever inspires you at that very moment. The beauty of lockets is that there is no right or wrong way to curate it. There are endless ways to make your locket completely your own and tell your personal story with a custom locket. Monica's designs make it easy to select a style that resonates with you. 

Her newest collection, Lockets x Color are not your traditional metal lockets, these are standout pieces that will have people giving your neck a second or third glance. With the ability to choose the color you like best, it adds yet another degree of personalization. The colorful enamel lockets are designed to bring happiness; they are both contemporary in their style and the perfect shades to wear every day. To make the colors more vibrant, they are combined with 18k gold vermeil over sterling silver and many of the styles have also been accented with gemstones like blue and green sapphires. The Locket X Color styles can be personalized with pictures or text using the Locket Bar. Upload photos from your phone, tablet, or desktop and print them in your home or office perfectly sized to the locket you choose. 

Each locket is perfect on its own or layered with your favorite necklaces. There is a color and style for everyone, go on and tell your story in COLOR! 

Locket holds two images and is paired with a black steel chain and a bonus colored cord for an extra pop of color. Shop the collection here.