Mixed Metals, Chain Links, and Medallions

How To Create Your Story And Look Good Doing It

By Jennifer McCurry

'Tis The Season For Mixing It All

Fall fashion goes heavy on the metals with an endearing twist. Layering and stacking have been carried over from summer, while meaningful jewelry is still holding strong. Introduce texture, mixed shades, and depth to your winter wardrobe and find new ways to tell your story. 



Remember the days when mixing your jewelry metals was taboo? You either were a white or yellow gold girl. Over the past decade, rose gold's soft presence took center stage. Black gold and oxidized silver added an edge to your look and made gemstones stand out. Before the rising cost of gold, 24k was the pure and opulent choice. Even titanium and rhodium plating have gained popularity by adding elements of lightness and color. 


Mixing metals can also offer a more cost-effective option. Fine jeweler Monica Rich Kosann chooses black steel to go with her golden lockets. Sylva & Cie. uses reclaimed gold and oxidized silver with her hand linked chains and pendants. Fashion jewelers like Lizzie Fortunato offer a twisted chunky chain but with gold plated brass and black acrylic. Combining mixed metals allows you to integrate all alloys and materials while staying within your budget. 


Combining metals is a fun option that allows you to have more styling options. Designers Dana Rebecca and Sidney Garber encourage incorporating different shades of metals within their jewelry collections. 

Dana Gordon, the founder of Dana Rebecca Designs, prefers not to limit herself to one gold color. "I have more metal in my wardrobe than ever before, and I don't want to get stuck trying to match the hardware on my handbag or jacket."

There is something about the chain detail not just around the neck but also peaking from under a sleeve, blazer, or the unexpected comfy sweatshirt. A staple in Sidney Garber's collection is the linked tri-color rolling bracelet in white, yellow, and rose gold. One of my favorites, this style allows you to easily incorporate jewelry you already own and works with fashion trending metallics.


And don't forget to personalize your look by adding your favorite talismans. No longer just for the bare skin, add extra-long, mixed metal chains with meaningful medallions to a turtleneck. Jumble necklaces of various lengths and pendants to offset your necktie blouse. 

Try unexpected details around the wrist by adding hanging amulets from intertwined chain. Add one that's near and dear to your heart, like strength or protection, or create a multi-charm creation that can change depending on the mood. Queen of modern heirloom medallions, co-founder Beth Bugdaycay of Foundrae, has taken the industry by storm by personalizing the chain trend and allowing the wearer to tell your story.

Mixing metals with your chains and medallions gives you the ability to wear all your jewelry and be creative. It allows you to be more economical and gives you styling alternatives. Adding a meaningful pendant completes the look by telling your story and giving you a unique style all your own.