Michal Kadar, the creative mind behind Cadar fine jewellery, creates cleanly engineered pieces in yellow gold and diamonds. She opts for minimalistic and elegant designs to make her jewels stand the test of time and resonate in the heart of its owners now and many years later. To make her jewels timeless, Michal often incorporates ergonomic and dynamic elements that can occasionally be interchanged or transformed.

Michal Kadar began her career as a fashion designer after studying multiple disciplines within art. She moved into the world of jewellery design with ease and developed her own signature style which was a confluence of the myriad influences of her upbringing, heritage and love of art. I spoke to Michal to learn more about her approach to jewellery creation, the choice of jewellery materials she chooses to work with and the effect that fashion trends have on her creative vision. Michal-Kadar Katerina Perez: What inspired your career change from fashion to the world of fine jewellery?

Michal Kadar: I wanted to create pieces that would be more meaningful. Fashion has recently adopted this very accelerated pace, meaning work cannot be appreciated in the same way as jewellery can be. Designing jewellery allows me to create pieces that are not only more meaningful, but will also last forever.

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