HEEL THYSELF: “This is sort of a ‘happening,’ like there used to be in the Seventies,” said Manolo Blahnik, who made his first appearance on the London schedule in a very long time — at the Covent Garden Hotel.

“Who cares about the shoes? I love the movie,” he said Sunday, just before a screening of the short film, “Jealousy!,” he commissionedMichael Roberts to direct. “It’s like five minutes of joy. Michael captured the mood of the collection, which is very much turn of the century — 20th century,” said Blahnik to clarify.

The film featured Rupert Everett (“How beautiful is the bastard?” asked Blahnik), Lucy Birley and lots of shoes in a witty tale of love, lust and torment with a Surrealist touch. There were several shots of handsome men with shoes on their heads.

As for the actual collection, Blahnik employed two motifs for spring: flowers and an African influence. The former could be seen in sandals decorated with dainty daisies, while the latter a pump with multicolored suede fringe and, the pièce de résistance, the Agapax, an ankle-wrap style with a metal stiletto heel. “The danger shoe, I love,” said Blahnik. “I think nobody would buy this stuff. You think you can go through the airport with this?”

manolo blahnik